Welcome to the Killaverse. A world designed for the next generation of digital entertainment. By combining the power of immersive story-driven experiences with digital & physical collectibles, we are re-defining what it means to build a global entertainment brand in the digital age. As a member of this exclusive community, you'll be swept away on a unique, and unforgettable journey. Start exploring now, to uncover the many secrets within... The story so far



Killabears are the stars of the Killaverse. Designed by artist Memo Angeles, this elite collection of 3,333 horrifyingly lovable digital collectible characters, are what started this whole adventure. When you own a genesis Killabear, you unlock access to a community and ongoing immersive entertainment experience like no other. And commercial IP rights mean you can build anything you can imagine, using your own Killabears.

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Killabits are the protectors of the Killaverse. These pixelart versions were airdropped to all Killabears holders as part of the ongoing interactive storyline. Through Chapter 1 of our innovative staking system, each holder is rewarded with free KillaGear - animated weapons which can be equipped to your Killabits (and soon, your Killacubs).

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The widely anticipated Killacubs workshop will allow you to build and mint a cub by mixing & matching the traits from your Killabears, or any KillaTraits you own. You will be able to build one cub for each Killabear you hold. The remaining supply will be available to KillaPass holders, and the general public. Like all other assets, Killacubs will become a part of the storyline, and will be used to unlock additional benefits within the Killaverse ecosystem.

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Innovation within the fast-growing Cannabis industry. Through an industry partnership, we have pioneered what some are now calling the "Pez Dispenser" of pre-rolls. Future flavors will allow holders to monetize their IP by having their own bears featured. KillaKush will be available soon in all regulated cannabis markets.


Bring your KillaBears to life, while collecting royalties on your intellectual property - with KillaToys! Our Genesis KillaToys: Collectibles Series is the first of many more collections to come - including collectibles, plush, action figures and more. This limited 1,200 piece collection is community curated, and uses a "burn to redeem" mechanism to bring each toy to life.


Changing the game of NFT merch drops, we’ve created a new model which rewards holders for buying Killabears apparel. Get exclusive perks including erc1155 tokens for use within the KillaVerse ecosystem, every time you order our limited edition KillaWear.





Ben has been working at the intersection of technology and social media for the past 14 years. As a Founder with a track record of Web2 success, Ben was drawn to Web3 after understanding its significance in the future of entertainment. His goal is to grow Killaverse Productions into a next-gen entertainment brand, while positively contributing to the overall Web3 ecosystem.



Creative Director

Former professional video game player, Mikael oversees all creative endeavors in the KillaVerse. Mikael's goal is to turn the Killabears into the "Angry Birds" of Web3. With creative experience that includes directorial work for brands like ABC and HULU, in addition to creating mobile games totaling over 30mm downloads, Mikael is at the creative core of the innovation seen within the KillaVerse.




A self taught engineer, “Bean” has over 20 years of experience and loves building immersive experiences. His unusual skillset which merges top-tier technical ability with creative user experience design, can be seen throughout every aspect of the KillaVerse. With a strong focus on security, and unmatched attention to detail, Bean is dedicated to always putting the user first, in anything he builds.




After spending 10+ years honing his craft and learning about consumer behavior through his successful stock illustration experience, Memo was approached by Mikael to create Killabears. Memo's extensive talent and experience with story-based character design was the perfect match for the KillaVerse, and the world being built around it.